Beware of False Prophets & Teachers

Only the scriptures contain the inspired word of God.  Everything said or written on these links except direct quotes of scripture are the mere words, opinions & teachings of man.  We have not examined all these sites for truth, in fact we know that there are many false teachers and false doctrine included in some of their sites.  These sites are linked so that our ministers and other ministers can learn to earnestly contend for the faith. After all, how can we ever fight false doctrine if we don't know what the false teachers are teaching? Example: In the "early church fathers" you can clearly see the seeds & germs of the beginning of catholic doctrine. Read these as history.

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Biblical and Other Archaeology


Biblical Genealogy, Ancient History, and Molecular Genealogy

  • Ancestry by DNA, laboratory offers laboratory test yielding an estimated percentage of ancestry from four major historical population groups
  • Bible Family Tree, Genealogy of the Bible that includes: individual details, Bible cross reference, Hebrew meanings of names, lineages, dates, maps, timeline, contemporaries and Ancient dynastic history of Mesopotamia and Egypt.
  • Family Tree DNA, laboratory offering genetic tests addressing genealogical questions.



Journals, Periodicals, and Serials


Libraries, Archives, and Other Depositories


Linguistic Anthropology





  • Talk Origins, a Usenet newsgroup devoted to discussion and debate of biological and physical origins

University Anthropology Departments


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