United States National Stations

KAAM Radio 770 AM and KKGM 1630 AM

North Texas

Sundays 11am & 5pm
Listen Live & Broadcast times: KAAM Radio - KKGM Radio

WNQM Radio 1300 AM


11:30am and 4pm Serving Tennessee, S. Kentucky & N. Alabama
Listen Live @ 11:30am Sundays WNQM Radio

KWKC Radio 1340 AM

Abilene, Tx @ Noon

Listen Live @ 12 Noon - 1pm Sunday Radio Abilene

KGWA Radio 960 AM

Oklahoma City, Central Oklahoma Area

11am - Noon Sunday KGWA Radio

International Shortwave Stations

World Wide Christian Radio WWCR

Broadcasting from Nashville, TN to All the World Sunday:
4.840 MHz at 1am to North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific

15.825 MHz at 8am to North and South America, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Africa, and the Middle East and India

Or go online to WWCR Radio  click on listen live, then #1

WRMI International (12/6/2015)

Broadcasting from Miami

5950 KHz at 5pm Eastern, 4pm Central to North/Central/South America, Mexico and Canada

11580 KHz to Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Russia, at 3pm in Paris & 5pm in Moscow

5850 KHz at 4pm and 9pm in Beijing to China, Asia, and all the Pacific

Radio Africa

21525 KHz 100,000-watt Superstation

Radio Africa West

Radio East Africa

Radio South Africa

WINB Worldwide Radio Pennsylvania

Covering the entire world morning and evening

9265 KHz

If you can do a better job at reaching the lost world for Christ, let us know and we'll stop this and start supporting you.

It is estimated that there are 2-1/2 to 3 billion shortwave radios in the world. At any one time 1 billion are turned on with an average of three people listening to each radio.