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Genesis (WMA)

JEPD or Moses

The Punishment of Mankind

Date of Creation, Noah's Ark & Flood

Noah's Ark & Evidence of The Flood

Tower of Babel

Fall into Idolatry & Table of Nations

Genesis 1-3

Genesis 3-11

Genesis 12-22

In The Beginning God Created

The Seed/Child of a Woman - Messiah

Noah, The Flood - Nephilim or Giants

The Nations & The Fall into Idolatry

The Call of Abraham (Abram)

The Faith of Abraham & his Final Exam

The Messiah to be Born Through Judah

(Seed Lesson) Genesis 1: The Creation Hymn

(Seed Lesson) Genesis 2 & 3: The Seed or Child of a Woman to be the Messiah

(Seed Lesson) Genesis 4-6: From Cain and Abel to the Flood

(Seed Lesson) Genesis 6-8: Noah's Ark

(Seed Lesson) Genesis 8 & 9: A New Beginning, The Messiah to Come Through Shem

(Seed Lesson) Genesis 9-11: The Table of Nations, Tower of Babel

(Seed Lesson) Genesis 11-12: The Call of Abram, Father of the Faithful

(Seed Lesson) Genesis 12-14: Abram in Egypt, Separation from Lot, and War with Four Petty Kings

(Seed Lesson) Genesis 15-17: Covenant with Abram

(Seed Lesson) Genesis 17-19: Abraham and Sarah Covenant, Sodom and Gomorrah

(Seed Lesson) Genesis 21-22: Abraham's Final Exam

(Seed Lesson) Genesis 25-31: Isaac, Jacob, & Jacob's Ladder

(Seed Lesson) Genesis 31-37: Jacob, Israel & Joseph

(Seed Lesson) Genesis 37-41: Joseph In Prison - Rags to Riches

(Seed Lesson) Genesis 41-42: Joseph's Dreams Come True (& Philippine Mission Report)

(Seed Lesson) Genesis 42-46: Jacob/Israel Comes to Egypt

(Seed Lesson) Genesis 49: The Sceptre of Judah to the Triumphal Entry of the Messiah

(Seed Lesson) Genesis Overview Part 1: The Seed Lesson - Looking Back on Where We've Been

(Seed Lesson) Genesis Overview Part 2: The Seed Lesson - Looking Back on Where We've Been


Kings (WMA)

I Kings 6

I Kings


Matthew (WMA)

Sermon on the Mount: Overview

Matt 5:1-12: The Beatitudes (2008)

The Beatitudes (2013)

The Beatitudes (2015)

The Beatitudes and the Maledictions ~ Blessings and Curses

Matt 5:1-48: Sermon on the Mount (2008)

Matt 5: Sermon on the Mount (2013)

Matt 6:1-34: Sermon on the Mount (2008)

Matt 6: Sermon on the Mount (2013)

Sermon on the Mount Matthew 6 (2015)

Matt 7:1-5: Judge Not

Sermon on the Mount Matthew 7

Sermon on the Mount Matthew 7: The Way, The Faith

Sermon on the Mount Matthew 7: Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Matt 12: The Unpardonable Sin

Matt 13: Parable of the Sower (2008)

Parable of the Sower (2013) - Matt 13:1-9

Parable of the Sower (2016) - Matt 13:1-50

The Parable of the Tares and Treasure Hid in the Field Matthew 13:44 Proper Hermeneutics

Matt 13:24-43: Parable of the Tares

Matt 13:47-52: Kingdom Heaven Likened to a Net

Matt 14, 15 & 16: Feeding Poor, Downtrodden & Homeless

Matt 18: One thing God won't forgive

Matt 18: Disfellowship-Gossip, Slander Tale-Bearing

Matt 19-20: The Laborers of the Vineyard (2008)

The Parable of the Reward of Discipleship (2013)

The Parable of the Reward of Discipleship (2016)

Matt 21:1-46: The Sceptre Of Judah

Enemies Silenced (Short Form)

Enemies Silenced (Amplified)

Matt 22: Inauguration of the King's Son

Matt 22-23: Character of Scribes & Pharisees

Matt 24: The Destruction of Jerusalem

Matt 24:13-29: Christ Coming Like a Thief in the Night

Matt 25: The Parable of the 10 Virgins (2008)

Matt 25: The Parable of the 10 Virgins (2014)

Matt 25:31-46: The Coming of Christ in Power & Glory

Matt 26-27: Judas betrays Christ for 30 pieces of silver


Acts (WMA)

Introduction into the Book of Acts (2007)

Introduction to The Book of Acts (2008)

The Book of Acts(2013)

Introduction to Acts (Short Form)

Introduction to Acts (Amplified)

Acts 1:1-26: Preparation for the Proclamation (2008)

Acts 1: World Conquest (2013)

Acts 1: World Conquest (New)

Acts 1: Many Infallible Proofs (Short Form)

Acts 1 (Amplified)

Acts 2:1-39: The Apostles Baptized in the Holy Spirit (2008)

Apostles are Baptized Holy Spirit (2011)

Acts 2: Pentecost (2013)

Acts 2: Beginning of Church of Christ/Kingdom of God (2008)

Acts 2: Kingdom of God Began (2011)

Acts 2: Beginning of Church of Christ (2011)

Acts 2:47: Temple of God (2011)

Acts 2: First Gospel Sermon (2011)

Acts 2 - The First Gospel Sermon (Short Form)

Acts 2 - The First Gospel Sermon (Amplified)

Acts 2: The First Gospel Sermon (New)

Acts 2:36-47 - The Church, a Fellowship of Believers, is Born (Short Form)

Acts 2:36-47 - The Church, a Fellowship of Believers, is Born (New)

Acts 3: Healing the Man at Gate Beautiful - 2nd Gospel Sermon (New)

Acts 4: Confronting The Saducees and Sanhedrin(New)

Acts 4: Peter's Prayer from Psalm 2 (New)

Acts 5: An Angel Delivers Apostles to Preach in the Temple (New)

Acts 6: Deacons Appointed - Stephen's Miracles and Arrest (New)

Acts 7: Stephen, The First Christian Martyr (New)

Acts 8: Persecution Leads Growth in Samaria - The Ethiopian Eunuch(New)

Acts 9: Saul, The High Sheriff, Is Converted (New)

The Blackest Land, The Whitest People - Biggotry in the Synagog: Acts 10:1 - 11:18 (New)

Acts 11: Cornelius Retold, Gospel Spreads to Gentiles (New)

Acts 12: The End of Secular Judaism (New)

Acts 13: Paul's First Missionary Journey (New)

Acts 13 & 14: Paul's First Missionary Journey Part 2 (New)

Acts 14 and Report on Our Works (New)

Acts 15: The Jerusalem Council (New)

Acts 16: The Macedonian Call (New)

Acts 17: The Gospel Preached in Greece, Paul Preaches on Mars Hill (New)

Acts 18: Paul Preaches in Corinth and Ephesus, Begins 3rd Missionary Journey (New)

Acts 19: The Ephesians - Gospel Conquers Occult (New)

Acts 20: Worship and Lord's Supper at Troas (New)

Acts 20: Paul's Farewell to the Ephesians (New)

Acts 21: End of Paul's 3rd Missionary Journey - Return to Jerusalem (New)

Acts 22: "Wash Away Thy Sins" (New)

Acts 23: Paul's Defense before the Sanhedrin High Court (New)

Acts 24: Paul's Defense before Procurator Felix at Caesarea (New)

Acts 25: Paul Appeals to Caesar (New)

Acts 26: Paul's Defense Before Herod and Festus (New)

Acts 27: Paul's Voyage To Rome (Part 1) (New)

Acts 28: Paul's Voyage To Rome (Part 2) (New)

Who Did the Miracles in Acts